escape route

Lima, PERU: Fruit from Mercado 1

Lima, PERU: Mercado 1 was the first site I saw in Peru. Our first flight got cancelled so we had to stay the night in LA. We landed in Peru around 1 am or 2 am. Mercado 1 was apart of our cooking class. We met our guides/cooking teachers at Mercado 1, there they showed us around and taught us about their local fruits and foods. All their fruit seemed huge compared to the fruit in the states. It is due to their good climate. I have plenty pictures from Mercado 1 that I will post soon.

PERU: When we stayed at Inca Terra we met Tina the speckled bear. She enjoyed eating watermelon. The speckled bears are becoming extinct so the hotel is trying to protect them like a zoo would. They have a total of three bears living on their property.

MACHU PICCHU: Some ambitious people hike to Machu Picchu. My family and I aren’t those people. We took a train then we took a bus. We had a tour guide show us around Machu Picchu that day. He also taught us about the Incan people. I went during spring break. The weather is opposite than the states because they are below the equator. I believe in Peru it was fall turning into winter. This is off season for them so Machu Picchu and other tourist attractions weren’t that busy. We were lucky when we went to Machu Picchu because it was clear and beautiful, not cloudy and rainy.

NEW YORK: Metropolitan Museum of Art Punk exhibit. I wasn’t supposed to be taking pictures…shhhh

CALIFORNIA: California Adventure! Picture of the ferris wheel and California Screamin’. One of my favorite rides after Space Mountain. California Screamin’ isn’t as good as it used to be. My brother and I noticed that they added tracks to the ride and made it slower. Honestly I liked it better before because it went super fast.

I go to Disneyland and California Adventure a lot but this trip to Disneyland was special. My family and I don’t usually go on the Peter Pan ride but for some reason my younger brother and my dad wanted to go on it. But sadly the ride wasn’t working. They have these new photo pass cards which make it easier for you to buy and take pictures. They don’t give you a hard time when you ask them to take a picture on your phone. They take one with their camera of course that you are able to purchase online or at the photo center through the photo pass. This was a new thing when we went. Since we were by the castle I dragged my family to take a picture in front of it. The family before us happened to be my dad’s cousin. We had no idea that they were going to be there. It was a surprise for my Aunt’s 50th birthday. We don’t see them a lot because they live in Colorado. Her husband and kids didn’t tell her where they were going. She just got on a plane and ended up in LA. We saw them early in the morning so we spent the whole day with them! They have 3 kids and the oldest and second oldest are close in age with my brother and I. We had an unexpected fun-filled day. This was probably one of my favorite times at Disneyland because we went on 16 rides and barely had to wait in any lines. I believe in the Disney Magic.

NEW YORK: I went here over the summer. It was a really scary, fun, and an amazing experience because this was my first time traveling by myself. I stayed in Brooklyn with my aunt and interned with one of her friends. Her friend has a kids clothing line. She takes mens dress shirts and turns them into dresses, shorts, and tops for girls and boys. I helped her by ironing, cutting patterns, and sorting fabrics. I’m thinking about going into design/business so it was really cool to see what a start up business looked like.

I went into the city twice during my trip. One of my friends was there with her family so I took the subway by myself to met up with them. I got off at the wrong stop and had to get back on another train. The problem with the subway being underground was that I had no cell service. I couldn’t contact my friend and tell her I was running late, I couldn’t google directions, and I couldn’t call my aunt for help. I didn’t have a panic attack but I got really stressed out and annoyed. I got to hotel eventually and felt really bad because I was more than a hour late. I spent the day with them and we went on the hop on hop off bus. I took the top left corner picture on the bus (Parson New School of Design.) I was able to answer the tour guides’s question because I’m a huge Project Runway fan. 

The top right picture was taken in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. When I was there they had a really cool punk exhibit. I will post the pictures I sneakily took later!

I took the panorama (middle picture) in Brooklyn. I think it was Saturday and they had this really yummy farmers market with a lot of different unique food. The bottom left picture was taken when I was walking through the city.

The bottom right picture was taken in the Guggenheim Museum. The artist focused on light. He used light to make different shapes.

The weather was really humid in the beginning but the humidity went away and the weather was really nice.

ARIZONA: View of the crazy Pink Jeep Tour. Going on this tour is so much fun the tour guide drives on huge rocks, goes up and down them. The tour defiantly shows the power of four wheel drive. It’s hard to show how bumpy the ride is through a photo. I’ll will try to look for a video of this and make it a gif.

FLORIDA: View of the magic car from Harry Potter. Harry Potter World in Universal Studios is really cool but it is a tiny area in the back of the park. You go through Whoville, Atlantis, and all the other attractions to get to Harry Potter World. It’s a fun thing to do if your a fan. But don’t get your expectations too high or your going to be disappointed.